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Discover potentially life changing cash flow strategies from the comfort of your home or office

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Rich Dad® Education offers free, interactive webinars on a variety of topics to introduce you to strategies that can assist you in turning your desire for success into potential money-making opportunities.

Variety of Topics

Rich Dad® Education offers FREE online webinars on a variety of topics to help you discover possible sources of cashflow. From foreclosure investing, to managing your stock portfolio, to real estate investing, our live, interactive webinars can put you on the path to financial independence.

Boost your Financial IQ

Each online training session lasts about 1 hour and is led by a LIVE Online Instructor. During each session, you’ll have the opportunity to ask the instructor questions and chat with fellow students – all delivered over the Internet to your laptop, tablet or smart phone.

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What Our Students are Saying

"Starting to see the light we never saw. Real Estate in general now has a whole new meaning. The courses are wonderful."


What Our Students are Saying

"Very knowledgeable, professional, and fun."


What Our Students are Saying

My life and outlook are a lot better."


What Our Students are Saying

"The training gave me more confidence and real world experience."


Real Estate Investing

  • Learn About the Biggest Areas of Opportunity in Today's Market
  • Discover the Three Types of Wealth and how to Generate Them
  • Multiple Strategies to Create Short·term Cash and Long-term Income
  • An Action Plan to Take Control of Your Financial Future
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Foreclosure Investing

  • Locate Foreclosure Property with True Profit Potential
  • Negotiate with Confidence to Build the Best Deal
  • Determine Your Exit Strategy to Maximize Profit
  • Find the Money to Fund Your Investments
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Options Trading

  • Limit Your Risk and Have UNLIMITED REWARD
  • Profit in Any Market Direction - Up or Down
  • Profit From a Stock Without Even Owning It
  • Control a Stock for a Fraction of its Price
  • Create Cashflow from a Stock, IRA, and even 401k
  • Protect Your Portfolio with Options and Lock in Gains
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Finding the Money

  • Building a Mindset for Success: The Rich Dad® Principles
  • The Three Types of Wealth & Ways to Generate Them
  • Understand, Manage & Increase Your Credit Score
  • Find Multiple Sources of Money to Tap Into
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Stock Success

  • Pick the Right Stocks
  • Make Money from Stocks You Don't Even Own
  • Make Money When the Price of a Stock Drops
  • Control a Stock for a Fraction of its Price
  • Know When to Get In and When to Get Out
  • Protect What You Have , Even When Stock Prices Are Melting Down
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Forex Trading

  • Understand What Forex Is
  • Learn How to Protect Your Money
  • Learn Four Core Trading Techniques
  • Identify Various Market Conditions and Discover How to Trade in Them
  • Apply Account Management Rules Based on “What Happens Next”
  • Gain an Understanding of Margin and Leverage as it Pertains to Various Forex Strategies
  • Learn How to Place Trades Through Metatrader™, a Widely Accepted Forex Trading Platform
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